American Pomade® started (in 2010) because we couldn’t find what we were looking for in a hair pomade.
We wanted something traditional ... ‘hair grease’ ... real pomade.
No colors, no perfumes, no chemicals … no freaky shit.
So we broke it down ... We experimented and came up with something simple and cool.

American Pomade is made with minimal ingredients:
Petroleum & Beeswax … coconut oil and essential oil for a for a clean, mild scent.
Just ol’ school greaser style hair pomade.

Every can is hand mixed and hand poured.
No machines … it takes more time … but what the hell …

We started giving it to friends and they came back and asked for more.
So we branded it, and American Pomade Company was born ... and with it, our three traditional pomades:

Original Sin, Ultimate Sin & Wicked Slick

In 2018, after years of requests and years of our resistance, American Pomade Company released two water soluble pomades:

Mortal Sin & Devil’s Clay

In 2020, we launched our ladies line: American Pomade Girl (APG)
Now girls are Get'n Dolled Up with American Pomade Girl products & accessories.

American Pomade Company products are now available at shops in over 20 countries and as the brand keeps expanding, we will always keep it ...

Classic American Cool